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I'm *really* late this year, but I'm not giving up on this tradition. This marks ten years I've been doing it!

From September 4, 2012 to September 4, 2013 I...
...started seriously investing in my shop to allow for more large project in the future (more circuits/outlets, real shelving, very heavy welding table, proper welding cart)
...was featured on the Discovery Channel demonstrating my Cocktail Engine at BarBot
...lived in Germany for 3 months, and visited 6 new countries (Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, San Marino)
...finally drove on the Autobahn, and with a left-handed stick in the UK
...rode lots of high speed trains, including the Eurostar through the Chunnel
...saw so many amazing Scientific/Industrial Revolution sites and relics that it made my head spin
...started developing heads-up applications for Glass, and prototyping my next big kinetic installation piece
...skipped Burning Man for the first time since 2008

Weird year. (But aren't they all?) The Germany thing really blasted a smoking hole in my plans, but it was certainly worth it. It's left me about 6 months behind on getting the lathe for my shop, but at least the delay gave me time to talk myself into moving up a size or two! Those 3 months felt like forever while I was there, and then like a brief dream once I was back. Even now I occasionally think about some of the things I did there, with such a rudimentary grasp of the language, and wonder how I had the nerve. I'm glad I'm still capable of jumping head-first into experiences like that. Ever since the Mackenzie I've been afraid that the extremely negative emotions which always come in the middle of those kinds of experiences will eventually Pavlov me away from making the leap. That day has not yet come.
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