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A year in books

I was curious exactly how many books I had read this year. Turns out, quite a few! About half of them in audio format, of course, done while I was working in the shop. Which is good because it makes better use of that time, but not great because I can't claim I'm always devoting as much attention as I would be if actually reading them. But since I'd have never read most of those books otherwise, and reading the Great Books series is a deeply arbitrary goal, it's still an overall win I think.

Probably missing at least another half a dozen, this is just quickly pulled from my personal events journal, and I often forget to note books.

Astronomical Algorithms
Robert Hooke - Micrographia (ongoing)
*Canterbury Tales
Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy
On the Map
*Federalist Papers
*On the Social Contract
Joan Didion - Year of Magical Thinking
*The Iliad
*The Odyssey
*Virgil - The Aeneid
Diane Duane - Games Wizards Play
*Virgil - Georgics
*Virgil - Eclogues
*Troilus and Criseyde
Trouble and Her Friends
*Milton - Paradise Lost
*Russel - Problems with Philosophy
*Wealth of Nations
*Tristram Shandy
*Woolf - To the Lighthouse
Jane Jacobs - Cities and the Wealth of Nations
Gaudy - Typographia
Twain - Letters from Earth
Sartre - Age of Reason
Catcher in the Rye
Lindy West - Shrill
Plato (like, all of him)
*Hobbes - Leviathan
*Decartes - Meditations on First Philosophy
*Divine Comedy
Epicetus - Discources
*The Prince
*Milton - Samson Arestes
Jo Walton - The Just City
Jo Walton - The Philosopher Kings
Jo Walton - Necessity

*Various Aristotle (maybe 1/3 of his total?)
Palmer - Too Like the Lightning
*Spinoza - Ethics
*Tacitus - Annals
*Tacitus - Histories
Rousseau - Confessions
The Art of Not Being Governed
*Plutarch’s Lives
Brown and Sharpe Treatise on Milling and Milling Machines
Nuts and Bolts of the Past
McGuire - Every Heart a Doorway
Steinmetz- Fix
Walter Jon Williams - Impersonations
Liu Cixin - Death’s End
Watts - Blindsight
Hofstadter - I am a Strange Loop
Whitehead - Underground Railroad
Marx’s Capital (ongoing, part of a reading group)
*Montaigne’s Essays
Baldwin - The Fire Next Time
Chalmer - The Character of Consciousness (ongoing)

* == audiobook
Bold == would enthusiastically recommend
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