GrendelFish (gfish) wrote,


I just can't let this tradition die, even if my LJ posting rate has otherwise dropped to 0.

From September 4, 2011 to September 4, 2012 I...
...invented a new musical instrument.
...built a chainsword.
...visited Germany.
...finally developed a personal look beyond t-shirts and jeans (aka generic geek).
...received a Burning Man art grant.
...ran a successful Kickstarter project. much, much better at welding.
...designed, built, installed and operated a large scale kinetic/fire art piece on the playa.

Kind of a weird year, in that almost everything was concentrated in a single giant project, the Harmonic Fire Pendula. I'm still in the dazed post-project phase, starting to poke at a couple new things but mostly just trying to wrap my head around the last 6 months. It definitely goes up there with grad school, the Mackenzie trip and the space robot in terms of overwhelming, life-consuming experiences. I have plenty of other giant projects on my backlog, of course, but I'm just going to enjoy working on small, low-stress stuff for a while.
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