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Last January my spice tolerance, which was already fairly high, mysteriously jumped off the charts overnight. I haven't been even slightly challenged by a dish in months at this point. At first I was amused by my new superpower, but it's actually getting fairly annoying. I'm really missing the sensation of a tasty dish right on the edge of what I can handle! I at least managed to get a nice happy tummy glow going after lunch today at Thai Tom's, after begging them to make it extra extra extra spicy. That is also something I have been missing.

Oh well. There was a 9 month period in my mid-twenties where spicy food started giving me minor nosebleeds. (Weird not only for happening, but also for being minor -- I have a long history with nosebleeds, and they've always been gushers lasting for upwards of 30 minutes. This was just a random drip or two, like a slightly runny nose.) That was definitely worse.

Bodies are weird.
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