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Child of a Metal God

My Hands Are Much Too Clever For My Heart

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4 September 1977
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Image courtesy NASA/JSC

Up until recently a member of the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence at the University of British Columbia studying computer vision and robotics.

A builder of the above-pictured SPACE ROBOT.

Creator of Obsphere and generally obsessed with maps.

The guitar playing one third of the filk group Escape Key.

An award-winning filmmaker.

No longer the author of an underappreciated webcomic.

Author of a rather different space robot.

Novice blacksmith. A dabbler in primitive copper smelting and other bootstrapping technologies.

Gentleman adventurer.

Some other stuff, too.

Pity poor Hrothgar,
Grendel's foe!
Pity poor Grendel,
O, O, O!

Grendel is crazy,
O, O, O!
Thinks old Hrothgar
Makes it snow!

Pity poor Grengar,
Hrothdel's foe!
Down goes the whirlpool:
Eek! No, no!

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